Thursday, September 3, 2020

NSFP Ratings

It is time that Netflix launch a new rating scheme NSFP - Not Safe For Parents.  Since Netflix is primarily targeted at the younger set (read 40 or less). The older set is quite scandalised when a torrent of abuses is unleashed in the middle of family time. 

Keep in mind, they are adults and all, but still they are scandalised. I blame our nanny state for it. To make it easier on them, a rating scheme similar to the one for children will go miles. All you need to do is tag their accounts as parents and boom, all offensive content is filtered out. 

I remember having a similar moment when I was watching South Park with my cousin sister in the US around 15 years ago. My aunt walked in and both of us scrambled for the remote to switch it away. My aunt was puzzled and asked what happened. And we were like it is not appropriate content. She says for who. we said in unison, "for you".

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